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Overview of Compounding Pharmacy

When you need medicines, where do you go? The obvious answer that comes to mind is a retail pharmacy. But sometimes it is crucial what kind of medication one needs. In general cases, people go to a nearby retail pharmacy. But some patients need specialized medicines for various reasons. That is why most patients prefer the compounding pharmacy that their doctor recommends or the one they are comfortable dealing with.

A retail pharmacy and a compounding pharmacy have much dissimilarity. While retail pharmacies sell medicines manufactured by FDA-approved pharmaceutical companies, a compounding pharmacy compounds customized medicines from the main ingredients.

A retail pharmacy sells drugs with fixed formula and in commercially available fixed doses. On the other hand, a compounding pharmacy prepares medicines as per the order placed by the prescription, combining the base drugs procured from the manufacturers and prepare them in adjustable doses to suit the patients.

Patients with special medicinal requirements cannot consume pre-set formulated mass-produced drugs; they need the customized medicines with customized dosages.

Compounding Pharmacy and FDA

Before the formation of the FDA, compounding was the only way to prepare medicines for patients. Pharmacies were called drugstores at the time. The doctors used to suggest the compounding pharmacy to the patients to create customized medicines for them. That practice is still going on to date. Despite the lack of FDA approval, compounding pharmacies are trustworthy. What’s more, compounded medicines are safer than that of their retail counterparts because the pharmacist customizes the medicines nullifying side effects during administering. Milton’s Pharmacy uses reliable procedures as per prescriptions for each customized medicine.

Preparation of Compounded Medications

Unlike mass-produced drugs, the medicines prepared in a compounding pharmacy are customized to suit patient’s needs. The medicinal formulas are almost identical from their chemical perspective. While retail drugs have fixed dosages, customized dosages are prepared by combining basic ingredients in-house to suit the patient’s medicinal requirement.

Three Benefits Of Pharmacy Compounding


Specialty Medicine is the medication prepared for the treatment of eyes, skin, hormones, pain, children, sports injury, and pets. These medications are disguised in food or drink to suit the taste buds of the patients for easy but effective administration. It is important to consume the medicine most comfortably especially in the case of children and pets to have the best effect.


At a compounding pharmacy, medications are prepared in various forms like liquid, ointment, capsule, powder, creams, and in the case of children in the form of lozenges, lollipops, etc. There are absolutely no side effects from compounded medicines because they are customized to avoid patient's allergic tendencies. In case the oral intake of the medicine is not advisable, the same medicine can be administered as a topical cream, bypassing the digestive tract, liver, etc.


The requirement of an individual’s dosage of medication varies. Commercially available drugs have fixed dosages and may not be suitable for an individual’s need. Compounded pharmacy prepares a suitable form of dosage suitable to a patient’s medical condition and prepares the medicines considering the patient’s height, gender, weight, and age factors.

Contact Milton's Pharmacy for all your compounding needs:

  • Custom Medications For Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Custom Medications For Acne
  • Custom Medications For Alzheimer's and Parkinson's
  • Custom Medications For Arthritis
  • Custom Medications For Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Custom Medications For Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (Men & Women)
  • Custom Medications For Breast Cancer
  • Custom Medications For Breathing Disorders
  • Custom Medications For Chronic Pain Management
  • Custom Medications For Chronic UTI's & Vaginitis
  • Custom Medications For Chronic Diaper Rash
  • Custom Medications For Dental Needs
  • Custom Medications For Ear Infections
  • Custom Medications For Erectile Dysfunction
  • Custom Medications For Exercise/Sports Injuries
  • Custom Medications For Flavoring
  • Custom Medications For Head Lice
  • Custom Medications For Hemorrhoids
  • Custom Medications For Hospice Needs
  • Custom Medications For Hyperhidrosis
  • Custom Medications For Infertility
  • Custom Medications For Migraine Headaches
  • Custom Medications For Multiple Sclerosis
  • Custom Medications For Nausea and Vomiting
  • Custom Medications For Neonatal Needs
  • Custom Medications For Neuropathies
  • Custom Medications For Oral Lesions
  • Custom Medications For Pets
  • Custom Medications For Postpartum Needs
  • Custom Medications For Scars And Keloids
  • Custom Medications For Snoring
  • Custom Medications For Warts
  • Custom Medications For Wound Therapy
  • Custom Medications For Wrinkles and Age Spots
  • And more.

We prepare customized medicines only as per the prescription of the patient’s medical doctor. Not otherwise. Preparing customized medication is a very precise process and needs a medical practitioner’s recommendation for the safety of the patient.

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