Compounding for Palliative Care/Hospice

Palliative care and hospice care are the distinctive treatments for patients undergoing serious and long-term illnesses. Palliative care begins at the time of diagnosis followed by subsequent illness. On the other hand, Hospice care begins only when the patient turns terminally ill and will not survive for more than 6 months.

At Milton’s Pharmacy, we provide both, palliative and hospice care to provide comfort to the suffering patients. We prepare customized dosages and administer them in comfortable forms to patients with severe or terminal illnesses. The objective of palliative and hospice care is to provide maximum physical comfort to otherwise tormented souls.

Palliative Care

Apart from treating physical aspects of the body, Palliative care also treats practical, social, emotional, and spiritual aspects that long-term illnesses generally bring up. It is observed that when the patients improve their emotional sides, they respond better to the body treatments.

At Milton’s Pharmacy, we offer palliative care for people suffering from cancer, HIV/AIDS, Dementia, Lung diseases, Heart diseases, and kidney failure. While receiving palliative care from us, patients can stay under the care of their regular health care providers and still can receive treatment from us for their diseases. We offer palliative care intending to offer the best possible quality of life for patients and their families.

Hospice Care

Hospice care and compounding pharmacy are inseparable in many ways. With Hospice Care, Milton’s Pharmacy offers emotional, spiritual, and psychological support to dying patients and gives solace to their aggrieved family members. The medical drugs available at the retail pharmacy may not be suitable for dying patients. In such cases, a compounding pharmacy with a hospice care facility can be very much helpful for the distressed family of the dying patient. We also work on a contract basis with other hospice care centers and provide customized medicines in customized dosage to suit the need of frail and weak patients.

At Milton’s, we provide free delivery of specialized packing of customized medications to individuals under hospice care at home or long-term care facilities. We can provide the daily or weekly stock of medications for the individual terminally ill patients as instructed by the physician.

Each hospice or palliative care patient’s body size, organ failures, and drug tolerance is different from that of others. Hence medicines available in retail pharmacies do not work effectively on such terminally ill patients. Milton’s Pharmacy provides adjustable medications with exact doses required for the patient.

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