Custom Medications for Kids

For most parents, it is a headache to administrate medicines to their children. But now with Milton’s Pharmacy, giving medicines to children is no longer a headache, your child will love to take the medicines compounded by Milton's Pharmacy.

At Milton’s Pharmacy, we prepare specialized dosage for the individual child as per doctor’s prescription and administer it to the child in various forms like lollipops, lozenges, candies, with likable flavors. The children wouldn’t even know that they are consuming medicines.

For most children, it is difficult to swallow a tablet or a capsule. Pediatrics medicines available at a retail pharmacy can be ill-tasting and hated by children and most importantly, retail pharmacy stock standardized dosages which may be harmful of the individual child. That’s why Pediatricians recommend Milton’s Pharmacy that prepares customized pediatrics medicine in tasty forms and customized dosages.

At Milton’s Pharmacy, we offer creative solutions in terms of the preparations of pediatrics medicines. We prepare the following types of dosage alternatives in the form of lollipops, suppositories, emulsions, gummies, quick-dissolving tablets, oral suspensions that are sweet and flavored, and solutions.

One of the most frequent symptoms found among children is a sore throat, which may occur due to tonsillitis or some viral infection. In such cases, we prepare our medicines in the form of lollipops which is the most popular choice for pediatrics patients. The size of the dosage and the size of lollipops depend on the age of the children and their condition of illness.

In the case of a pediatric dental patient, we prepare a sedative compound that is customized as per the physician’s specifications to suit the child patient. We combine the required medical components to prepare a single dose, flavored suspension, or a fast-dissolving flavored tablet to suit the child’s taste buds.

At Milton’s Pharmacy, we understand that the pediatric population of our country has very specific therapeutic needs which are not sufficed by the commercially available medicines. We bring the innovative pediatrics compounding pharmacy to prepare and supply specialized individual dosing and administering customized flavoring to meet the medicinal needs of each pediatric patient.

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