Custom Medications For Your Pets

Pharmacists at Milton’s Pharmacy compound the medicines for the pets. We have high respect for the veterinarians who care for the pets to the best of their abilities; after all, they are the doctors for the animals. We offer a wide range of animal patient-specific medicines in varied doses and strengths, unlike their retail counterparts. We believe in caring for the animals just the way we care for humans.

We have a long list of customizable animal medications that are suitable for the various types of animal species. As a vet, you can get a broad range of prescription options from Milton’s Pharmacy. We prepare medicines in various flavors that animals love to consume. Our dosages are as per the vet’s prescription and depending upon the size and strength of the animal patient. With a compounding facility, we can prepare commercially unavailable medications in required forms.

We have a customized free delivery service at your doorstep or animal care facility. You can achieve speedy recovery with our customized medications because our compounding pharmacists are experts in preparing compounding medicines.

For easy administration of medicines for animals, we prepare the medicines in the form of favorably flavored chews. We also prepare capsules and liquids with flavors having a favorable taste. We prepare customized transdermal gels in variable dosage forms. We prepare compound medicines to ease the work of the vet who need not cut up a tablet or reduce the content of the capsule to suit the need of the animal. Vets can ask us to prepare the medicines as per the need of their animal patient.

At Milton’s, we prepare customized compounding medicines for all types of pet animals, animals kept in a zoo, farm animals like horses, cattle, sheep, and even exotic animals. We give free delivery at the vet’s office or home delivery at the animal patient’s caretaker. Contact Milton’s Pharmacy without delay if your pet needs the best treatment.

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